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There are virtually NO programs in home ownership designed to reach the poorest of the poor.    

  • Low-income housing is not affordable by the poorest of the poor, that is, they can't actually pay the cost of "affordable housing."

  • Most programs are geared toward those in the upper poverty brackets, rather than those caught in the cycle of multi-generational poverty, who fall well below the 50% median income definition of poverty.

  • Lack of affordability is mainly due to the use of traditional methods of acquiring materials and services and providing mortgages, thus perpetuating a status-quo of layered management and high costs.


On Government Subsidies:

"The government is not subsidizing poor folk.  In actual fact, it is subsidizing banks, professionals, and handlers of building materials at a very high price, thus sustaining the present power structure.  In my mind, it is paying extortion money to maintain a style of life at the expense of the material, physical, emotional and spiritual life of others.”  

Fr. Brian McCormick, Founder of Better Community Housing of Trenton

In his retirement, Father Brian remains a volunteer advisor to BCH Trenton.




46 million people in this country live in poverty.

“Poverty” in New Jersey in 2013 is defined as an income of about $46,000 or less for a family of 4 (50% below the median income of $91,000). 

Many people suffer from multi-generational poverty and fall well below the $46,000 definition of poverty:

  • Black median income is $32,000

  • Hispanic median income is $39,000

Low-income housing is not affordable by the poorest of the poor.  

  • US Census data reports that there are almost NO mortgages that cost less than $300 a month (.00054% of mortgages!)

BCH Trenton actually provides housing for those steeped in the cycle of multi-generational poverty.