Q: What happened to Martin House?  Is BCH Trenton still part of Martin House?

A: Martin House officially closed in 2012 when its founder, Father Brian McCormick, retired.  Better Community Housing (BCH) Trenton spun off as its own 501C(3) nonprofit corporation, with Father Brian offering his services as a volunteer advisor. The educational and recreational activities of Martin House were taken over by the CYO of Mercer County.

Q: Is Father Brian McCormick still connected with BCH Trenton?

A: Father Brian McCormick, founder of Martin House and BCHTrenton, acts as a volunteer advisor to Better Community Housing of Trenton and remains very active in its mission and in keeping the spirit of Martin House alive.


Q: Is Christmas gift-giving still taking place?  Can my organization or I, myself, give gifts?

A: Christmas gifts are provided for the needy, as are holiday food baskets at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Lists are compiled and organized by the volunteer staff of The Thrift Store, who then communicate the needs to houses of worship, organizations, corporations, and interested individuals in the area.  For details, see Christmas/Holidays, or call Gloria at 609-421-5413.

Q: How is Doorway to Hope, family shelter and transitional housing, connected to BCH Trenton?


A:  Established in 1980, Doorway to Hope was originally one of the Martin House family of companies, as was BCH Trenton.  As its own 501 C(3) corporation, Doorway is now a separate entity and is in a transitional period, not accepting clients.


Q: Are donations to BCH Trenton deductible for income tax purposes?    


A: Yes, We are are a 501(c)3 public charity.  See Contact/Donate tab.



Q: How can I volunteer to help at BCH Trenton? 

A: Please call Pearleen Waters at 609-989-0271 to discuss volunteering or e-mail bchtINFO@gmail.com.

Q: Is the Board of Trustees paid?

A: No. All board members serve on a volunteer basis.